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Best Season Ever 2017

Because you know 80% of success is mental...
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The Mental Toughness Game Plan

Our must-see 75 minute foundational mental toughness training for all athletes and parents. (all ages and skill levels)

Tickets Retail: $25/athlete

Elite Power Team Training

Private Training for teams and organizations to create camaraderie, improve individual player leadership and team identity.

Team Pre-Pay Only. $15/athlete

Mission: Elevate Leadership Experience

Launching 2018. Available to Best Season Ever Alumni.

About The Best Season Ever Clinic



Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Tennesee, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisianna, Texas, Oklahoma, & Kansas.


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Meet The Trainer

Meet Coach Jenn Starkey

While competing as a Division 1 athlete at her dream school, Jenn's life was unexpectedly turned upside down. On the verge of losing everything, Jenn made a choice to get tough, redefine her identity as a leader and train with the top coaches, leaders and athletes in the world.

Jenn has broken down the secrets of the mentally tough to help YOUR athletes conquer any obstacle and master the mental game so they can win in sports, school, and life!  

At BEST Season EVER Coach Jenn unpacks the most important strategies of top athletes & coaches and gives the ultimate mental toughness game plan to your athletes!

What You'll Need

Minimum 20 Athletes

We typically run one main Best Season Ever Mental Toughness tour per year.

Tour dates are extremely limited. Before we can block your date, you'll need a minimum of 20 athletes committed to attend so we can lock down your date and start promoting you as a host of one of our clinics.


You will need a space with enough seating to accommodate our guests. Keep in mind parents will attend as well. You can check local school auditoriums, churches, hotel meeting spaces or gymnasiums. Some teams also bring folding chairs into their large indoor facilities. Just make sure there is good lighting, accessible electricity, and enough parking. For our Mental Toughness Training you will need this event space for 4 hours from set up to tear down.

(We travel with projector, screen, sound system and tables. But if you have access to those already set up it's a BONUS!)

The Triple Win Refund Program

Partner with us and help us create a great event in your local community. As thanks for your leadership, your organization will be rewarded with special bonuses and a percentage of the ticket sales. This program makes it simple, easy and affordable to invest in your athletes.

Ready To Book?

Here are your next steps:

  1. Confirm available dates with our team. Call/ Text 317-886-8326 or Email us at [email protected]  
  2. Place your $250 refundable deposit to lock down your date. Note: As long as the 20 minimum attendees is met, the $250 deposit will be refunded to your organization after the event, along with any additional ticket commissions earned through the Triple Win Refund Program! 
  3. Receive Your Customized Event Promotional Materials: This includes flyers, emails, done for you facebook posts and online ticketing website to promote your clinic.
  4. Register your team for optional bonus training sessions. (IE: Elite Power Team Training and Book Signing, or customized training add on.)
  5. Get Excited! Your Best Season Ever will be starting soon.


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January tour dates closing soon.