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The 8-Week Leadership Challenge Designed for Competitive Youth Athletes


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Confidence Toughness Leadership

Better Your Best is an Interactive Online Training Program to help teen athletes build the Tools, the Team and the Toughness to WIN in Sports, School, and Life.

In less than 30 minutes a week, your athlete will build confidence and discover how to conquer the Top 6 challenges Facing Teen Athletes today. 


What Your Athlete will get in this Training:

Training #1: BE THE LEADER 

  • Unstoppable Drive & Motivation
  • Athletes experience more energy, focus & clarity
  • Consistent Progress towards your goals!
  • Ability to ignore distractions and raise above negativity with ease
  • Confidence and clarity around what steps to take towards your goals!
  • Increased commitment to stay the course despite adversity

Training #3: ROCK YOUR CLOCK 

  • More time for what you love!
  • Overcome procrastination and overwhelm
  • Enjoy more QUALITY time and get the MOST out of your practice schedule 


  • Unleash your inner warrior on the field!
  • Feel more like yourself and more confident in every situation on and off the field.
  • Enjoy better relationships with friends and family


  • Build Mental Toughness Habits
  • Increase CONFIDENCE on and off the field
  • Turbo-Charge your personal growth and improvement


Advanced Support in:

  • Total Athlete Self Care
  • Sports Psychology for Teens
  • Athleteic Recruiting Myths and Tips and more!


Every month athletes can ear rewards for taking action and creating new success habits! After the Challenge is complete they will have the opportunity to share a short story about what they learned into the BETTER YOUR BEST 2017 CHALLENGE! THE TOP 12 Better Your BEST Challenge Finalist will become published authors along side professional athletes. They will also receive a VIP ticket to the 2017 Impact Awards Sat Dec 9th in Las Vegas where they will get to meet top coaches, athletes and role models. 2017 Challenge Submission Deadline May 31st


Lifetime Access for just 3 Monthly Payments of $149*

PLUS! As A BONUS you'll receive FREE 90 Day Test Drive All-Star Club

The Better Your Best Challenge will help your athlete build success habits in Sports, School and Life. All-Star Club is here to support on her journey.

What is Included with All-Star Club?

Monthly Virtual Training on latest strategies in High Performance for youth covering topics in Goal Setting, Athletic Mindset Training, Recruiting, Academic Success, Relationships, Elite Athletic Performance, Community Service, Time Management and more.

BONUS LIVE mentoring sessions with Guest Trainers who are CRUSHING IT in Sports and LIFE! 

We bring on guests such as professional athletes, former collegiate athletes that are now performing high level in life, unique teen role models from around the world and guest experts to answer their questions.

This gives your athlete FACE to FACE time to ask questions to the best of the best in the world.  

A Few 2017 Tentative All-Star Club Mentors Include:

2014-2016 Past Guest All-Star Club Mentors Include:

Jami Lobpries Vice President of USA ELITE SELECT, former Professional Softball Player

Karen Seimears - 3x Women's Professional Football Team Superbowl Champion Quarterback, Collegiate Tennis Player & Filmmaker 

Chez Seivers- Founder of Smart Softball Podcast, Editor at FloSoftball, NPF Softball Coach Texas Charge

Kate Parker, Celebrity Photographer Founder of STRONG IS THE NEW PRETTY, Former Collegiate Soccer Player

Kaylyn Castillo- Catcher for NPF Texas Charge

Jade Hewitt National Pro Fastpitch League Media Specialist & Entreprenuer

James Leath - Head of Leadership Development at IMG Academy

Gabi Ury- World Record Holder for the Plank at just 16 years old


Your athlete will learn things like:

How to stand out at camps and clinics, 5 Types of Team Leadership, What they don't tell you about scholarships and recruiting, How to (and not to) use social media as an athlete, Body Image and Self Talk, How to Deal With Pressure, How to overcome nerves, How to get the most of off season, How to prevent injuries/ comeback from injuries stronger & faster... and much much more!

You Get ALL of it!

The Better Your Best Bundle comes with everything your athlete needs to take their game and their LIFE to the next level.

The Better Your Best Game Plan

$297 Value

Build Confidence, Mental Toughness, & Leadership 

"CRUSH IT" Live Goal Setting Training

$97 Value

Get your athlete challenging herself on and off the field.

Full 90 Day All-Star Club Mentorship

$149 value

live interactive Video Chat sessions with elite athlete, coaches and role models. (PLUS BONUS Recordings *BEST OF from 2014-2015 trainings)

Chance to become a published author


Chance to inspire other athletes and coaches around the world and be published in a our 2017 Book "A League of Your Own" Volume 2.

(*Some athletes use this as a way to stand out in recruiting.)

2017 Better Your Best Challenge

*Lifetime Access for 3 Monthly payments of $149 



Cancel anytime guarantee. 

If you and your athlete doesn't absolutely love the program, just cancel anytime by responding to any of our emails or calling 855-808-8326.

After 90 days, Your athlete will continue to receive all of the benefits of All-STAR club access including direct live access to top athletes and mentors for just $49/month . you can cancel any month and you won't be billed again. However, a cancelation does not refund previous months charges because we delivered for you! Sounds fair, right? 

Let Coach Jenn and our guest mentors train your athlete every month so she can have her best year possible. Your family deserves this kind of success training and support. 

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